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Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a must in today's Web World. After your site is created, or if you have an existing site, it is vital to get your website out there and noticed! A beautiful website full of images and great content won't do a thing for you unless it is seen. Driving traffic to your site through Social Media Campaigns, Social Media Ads or PPC Advertising works!

Start a Campaign

At Live Web Design, we offer two types of Social Media Marketing, Campaigns & Ads. Campaigns are run using Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. We set up a timed campaign of running posts, specials, coupons, press releases, etc. on these networks to promote your business. This can be done daily or weekly and for different lengths of time.

Social Media Ads

We use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Ads to promote your website and business. There are many types of Ads to choose from depending on what your goals are. We can set up Ads to help you bring in more site traffic, get likes on a fan page for your business, run coupons or specials, or just simply get you out there!

PPC Advertising

We provide PPC Advertising using Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Every business is different and sometimes PPC Ads are not for everyone. PPC Ads can definitely increase traffic, leads and sales when set up correctly and monitored. Despite what a lot of people think, PPC Ads can be ran successful on low budgets. Give it a try!

Website Promotion

Let us promote your new or existing site!!! Let's Bring Your Ideas to Life and then blast the heck out of it! We provide many different services for website promotion catered for your business, from 1 minute intro videos, logo animations, whiteboard videos all the way to full video packages that will get you noticed! Some of the videos we do work great with Social Media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Purchase Your Video Promos Here

Whiteboard Video

It is a proven fact that visitors respond to Whiteboard Video Marketing. Find out what we can do for your Business or Website Today!

Increase Web Traffic

Above is a short Promo Video for Transparent Glass Coatings. It was a great way to introduce their new website n Social Media and drive new visitors to their site. What can we make for you?

Let Us Do the Work!

Our tag line of "Bringing Your Ideas to Life" is very important to us. Everything starts with an idea. I hope that we can have a chance to help your ideas become reality. It can all start with just a simple logo! Give us a call and Let Us Get to Work! (530) 539-4709
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-Dave Paradise

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